Man With Half a Head arrested

Image: 0087773836, License: Rights managed, 23/11/2010 – USA There are some people the police always recognise when they get in to trouble, and that really does go double for Carlos Rodriguez. Thanks to an unfortunate accident years ago, the shape of his head was dramatically changed when a large part of his skull was surgically removed. In fact he is so well known to officers in Miami, Florida, he is recorded as Half-a-Head on official arrest warrants where it asks for scars, tattoos, unique physical features. A spokesman said: He was arrested again, this time for trying to pick up a prostitute. He has been in trouble with the police a few times, which is another reason many of the local officers know him. We do feel sorry for his position, but it is our job to uphold the law. ©Exclusivepix, Place: ,, Model Release: No or not aplicable, Credit line: ., Exclusivepix


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